Explorations in Community & Spirituality in a Norfolk town

Having left Wymondham Methodist Church in the Summer of 2019, I have written up our attempts at creating community, and facilitating spirituality, over the period 2010 - 2019.

A Journey with Labyrinths

Written for 'Grapevine' and printed in September 2019

Experiments in Outreach in the Town Green Centre

Written for the East Anglia District's magazine 'Grapevine' in 2017.

A year of trying things

Notes written, in diary form, about the year 2015 - 16 in Wymondham Methodist Church.

Article on Posada

Written, on request, in August 2016 for the Anglican publication 'Praxis'.

I cried when I saw the photograph

An article 'to make people think' written, on request, for the District MWIB (Methodist Women in Britain) newsletter in 2014.

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