To Iona

An opening limerick.

Columba came

A simple history of Iona using repetition to make the reader/listener think.

People come

A reflection on why people go to Iona.

The Iona Community in many places and parts

The multi-faceted Iona Community as I understood it in 2006. There are three levels of affiliation - membership, being affiliated, being a friend (I myself am one of the last-named).


I lived in one of the two houses owned by the Iona Community. Named 'Shuna' it carries a history.

Leaving the Michael Chapel

Before the season started, we had daily worship in the Michael Chapel. The day came when the worship transferred to the Abbey ready for the busy guest and tourist season.

Iona Abbey Sacristan in Holy Week

I was thrown into Holy Week early on in the season and I found myself out of the main action taking place (with John Bell, Alison Adam and others) because I was working behind the scenes.

Recycling of tealights

This was one of my small tasks that was actually a very big job! The photo shows volunteers helping me get through a very big sack.

Community is...

A simple but profound poem.

Recipe for Iona

A recipe for an amazing concoction.

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