Leaving the Michael Chapel

Leaving the Michael Chapel

I cried when we left the Michael Chapel.
We processed to the Abbey Church
carrying books and bibles
cushions and candle
and the heavy silver cross.

We left behind intimate worship,
a special space
and memories of the forging of community.
I did not know to what we were going
or for what the worship future held for us.


I wonder how the first monks felt when they left the Michael Chapel.
They would have watched their Abbey Church being built,
over years and decades
and one day it would have been ready.
Did they have a procession?
Did they carry books, bibles, a candle and a cross?
Did they leave behind intimacy and special memories?
Did they know what the worship future held?
And, I wonder, did one or two of them cry?

© Jacqui Horton 2006