General occasions

The one who came back

A monologue from the 10th leper who returned to Jesus to say thank you.

A Tale of Two Women

Based on Luke 8 v 40 - 56.

Wash my feet, Jesus?!

Monologue written for the Testimony Service for Deacon Jen Woodfin in the Summer of 2007.

You could 'ave knocked me down with a feather!

Based on the story of Jesus meeting the Woman at the Well.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me

A monologue based on Luke 4 v 18 - 19 written on Rev Helen Freeston's choice of passage for her farewell service in the Norwich circuit

We were going to drown

Based on the Stilling of the Storm.

"I want to see you, Jesus!"

Monologue, or dialogue, based on the story of Bartimaeus. Either one person should act both voices or two people take part.

I was blind but now I see

A short monologue or poem on gaining sight.

There's a hole in my roof

Based on the healing of the paralysed man in Mark 2 v 1 - 12.

It looked just like my lunch! (Feeding of the 5000)

The Feeding of the 5000 through the eyes of a boy with a picnic.

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