These bulletins come from 10 months that I spent on the island of Iona in Argyll, Scotland in 2006.  I was interviewed for the post of Sacristan for the Iona Community in November 2005 and offered the job.  From the middle of the following January to the middle of the next November, I was caught up in the intense life of working for the Iona Community on Iona as part of the Resident Community.  Every 2 weeks or so I emailed a bulletin to family and friends on the mainland, thus keeping in touch with them as well as providing a unique record for myself of a unique experience.

I put together a booklet of my bulletins, poems and photos ('Living Iona') and I dedicated it to Jen, to Rachel, and to Naomi – the three main recipients of my cyber jottings.

Jacqui Horton (then Jacky Bowers)

Bulletins sent through my Iona year

A record of the 10 month year from January to November.

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