Unprepossessing building on the village street.
Non-descript frontage tucked away amongst bigger and better houses.
A small but special cottage.

Named for an island by Euphemia.
Named for a cow in memory of a childhood home.
A gaelic label for a gaelic household.

Built by the Ritchies for living and for creating celtic art.
Still holding Alec’s carvings on mirror and fireplace.
A museum of Iona craft legacy.

Given to the Iona Community for posterity.
Lived in by members and leaders and staff.
A chance for a second history.

Residence of Craftworker, Sacristan, Musician and Domestic Co-ordinator in 2006.
My room with the view over the Sound and the sound of the sea on the rocks.
A home to remember.

© Jacqui Horton  2006

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