Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming,
Christmas is near now;
We want to welcome
times of good cheer.
God, we adore you,
Thank you for Christmas;
We want to make this
A special year.

Christmas is family,
Christmas is sharing;
We want to be with
all of our friends.
People are lonely,
people are homeless;
Help us to share the
love without end.

Christmas is turkey,
Christmas is pudding;
We want to feast and
Sample good food.
People are hungry,
people are starving;
Help us to work for
feeding the world.

Christmas is good news,
Christmas is joyful;
We want to feel that
true, special peace.
People are fighting,
People are hurting;
Help us to pray for
conflict to cease.

Christmas is presents,
Christmas is giving;
We want to give things,
to play our part.
God gives the best gift –
Jesus, the baby;
Help us to put him
first in our heart.

© Jacqui Horton 2009