Mary and Joseph

Mary and Joseph   (Tune: Bunessan)

Mary and Joseph
off on a journey.
Going to Beth’lem,
Joseph’s home town.
There is a census
throughout the Empire,
ev’ryone has to
put their name down.

Mary and Joseph
waiting a baby.
Feeling it kicking,
knowing its there.
Labour’s not easy,
for any woman,
but Mary knows Jesus
lies in God’s care.

Mary and Joseph
finding life’s changing.
Coming to terms with
bearing God’s son.
Life will no longer
simply be routine,
things will be special
from this time on.

Mary and Joseph
letting God change them
into the people
they’re meant to be.
Sensing their calling,
facing their future,
knowing their child will
set people free.

We too are Mary,
we too are Joseph.
We’re on a journey
trav’lling with God.
He can transform us
as he changed Joseph,
as he changed Mary
all for His good.

© Jacqui A Horton 2011