That boy!

That boy! 
Joseph – my son...
He’s been beside himself with worry.
There’s been nothing but trouble ever since he asked that Mary to marry him.
First off, our family said she was too young for him –
then, her family said he wasn’t good enough for her!
But next thing, it turns out that she wasn’t a good girl, she was a bad one!
When Jo heard she was pregnant, he didn’t know what to do
with himself or with the situation.
But he’s a good man, our Joseph.
He didn’t want her stoned, or anything like that;
So he was just going to divorce her quietly like,
And hope nobody would notice.
But then – last night – Joseph’s had a dream!
And in the dream was an angel!  An angel!
That’s all I need – a flippin’ angel!
Well, it seems the angel told him that what had made Mary pregnant was some spirit or other.
A spirit!  I didn’t think my hair could get any greyer!
Actually, he said it was the Holy Spirit, but who’s he when he’s at home?
Apparently, Mary wasn’t bad after all and she’s having a baby because she’s good.
And, also apparently, the baby is going to be a Son of God!
Ah well, I suppose I’ll get used to having God’s son as a grandson!

© Jacqui A Horton 2009