It was early in the morning

We went very early to the tomb.
Very very early.
Of course, we hadn’t slept.
We were anxious to get spices to the body of our friend,
Our friend and Master...
Though was he still our Master?
We didn’t know.
We were worried about the stone in front of the grave,
It was a particularly big one but there were three of us.
We hurried through the garden
And then one of the Mary’s cried out
The stone had been rolled away!
We were horrified,
Surely nothing more terrible could happen?
We approached the tomb carefully and then –
To our astonishment and fear –
A young man appeared and spoke to us.
‘You are looking for Jesus who was crucified.
He is not here, as you can see.
He is risen from the dead and has gone to Galilee.
Go and tell Peter and the disciples that he will meet them there.’
Not there?
Risen from the dead?
Gone to Galilee?
These words didn’t make sense.
We were just bewildered and afraid.
I am afraid to say, we just turned on our heels...
...and ran away.

Jacqui A Horton