Reflective Worship on Psalm 23

Reflective Worship                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Set the scene for yourself, perhaps with a candle, or some fresh flowers, or another helpful visual aid that you have to hand (or in a drawer or cupboard!)

Settle down to start with, assume a comfortable position, become aware of your breathing, and relax your heart and your mind in the presence of God.

Read gently to yourself the words of the 23rd Psalm from a Bible.

Sit in silence for 2 or 3 minutes.

Take the accompanying sheet with the photographs (see separate page under this link) and take time to read each phrase of the Psalm in conjunction with the image alongside.  Let feelings or thoughts arise, perhaps make a note of them before moving on.

Pray the following prayer which was published in ‘Roots for Worship’:

If there are two of you, divide into two parts.  If not, read silently, or out loud, by yourself.

You, Lord, are our good shepherd: you give us all we need.
You make us lie down in green pastures: lead us by quiet waters.
You guide us in paths of righteousness: may we go in your name.
Sometimes we must walk through dark valleys: please help us not to be afraid.
You are with us to guide and to comfort: we will not be afraid!
You provide so much for us: make us grateful.
Your goodness and love will follow us all the days of our lives: we will dwell in your house forever!  Amen.

Sing, or say, the modern hymn ‘The Lord’s my shepherd’, (StF 481) the chorus is:

And I will trust in You alone 
and I will trust in You alone,

for your endless mercy follows me
your goodness will lead me home.

Stuart Townend © 1996

Or, sing or say the traditional 'The Lord's my Shepherd' (StF 480) or 'The King of Love my Shepherd is' (StF 479).

Sit quietly until you are ready to return to your normal activity.


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